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Faith Moments | Week 2: Why a Savior?

Faith Moments

Week Two: Why a Savior?

We know that Christmas is about a special baby being born - baby Jesus. But why did Jesus, the Son of God, need to come to earth? Jesus was born because we need to be saved from our sin. God’s plan to rescue us centered on sending His Son, Jesus, as the best gift of all time.


Image by: Mark Bonica

Reading the Bible: Romans 3:23 Everyone has sinned. Isaiah 59:2 Our sin separates us from God, but He has a plan to rescue us. Our rescuer (Savior) is Jesus.

Living Life: It is easy to notice when other people do something wrong. A crazy driver cuts you off; a kid at the playground isn’t nice. It is harder to look at our own sin. Find a few opportunities to admit to your kids when you do something wrong. Did you get mad at someone on the road? Did you say something unkind? Then gently help your kids see their own sin when it happens. Use it as an opportunity to pray together for forgiveness and rejoice that we have a loving God who forgives us.

Making it Real: Make a simple “fishing” game by putting several paper clips in the bottom of a glass of water. Then tie a string to another paper clip and bend the end of the wire out to make a hook. Dip the hook into the cup, let it sink to the bottom and try to “rescue” the other paper clips from the water. (You can make this a little easier by opening the clips into triangle shapes.) Talk about how God wanted to rescue us from our sin so He sent Jesus.