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Growing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

San Juan Campus

8:15, 9:30 & 11 AM

Dana Point Campus

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Mission Principles:

Our Position in Christ

• All about Jesus. It’s about who He is and what He’s done for us – our life in Him and His life in us.

• Living. This is our life – the life God gave us to live. The past does not equal the future. He gave us new life -- we’re born again – let’s live like it.

• Invested and Involved. We need to be fully invested and involved in our life. Not passive, unresponsive or uncaring – instead let’s accept and embrace our role and responsibilities with pure joy.

• Fullness. You are made complete in Christ. How much do you choose to believe God’s word?

• Enduring. Life can be so hectic and confusing. Sometimes that’s because we’re moving too fast. If we’re in our own power and energy we will wear out. Not so when we plan according to God’s purpose and we perform in His power.

Our Ministry

• Well Done! Isn’t this what we as men strive for -- whether it’s coaching a baseball team, fixing a leaking faucet or completing a project at work. It’s the highest and best compliment. It’s also the ultimate validation we seek from our Lord for what we’ve done with our life and our gifts.

• Expectation. God is always at work. But it’s our expectation of a miracle that allows us to see His hand in shaping events, affecting circumstances and healing pain.

• Loving. The more you grow in Christ the more you care about people – it’s a test – how mature are you?

• Linked. We are connected to one another. We are brothers in Christ, members of the same body, yet serving and honored in our individual giftedness.

Our Experience (The Result)

• Legacy. We’re leaving a spiritual legacy for generations to come.

• Identification. We stand for Christ, we are identified with Christ -- in all aspects of our life, whether it is work, home or recreation.

• Verification. Our life reflects our position in Christ – it’s fruit and acts. We are salt and light to the world.

• Evangelism. We take personally the “Great Commission”, one person at a time.

• Discipline and Discipleship. We’ve learned that to experience God we must listen and obey. We take captive our thoughts, harness our impulses, and are mindful of our actions.

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