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Family Faith Moments

Sometimes I feel like everything I have done “right” as a parent was an accident. I think of myself as a clumsy shepherd who just randomly gets her sheep to the green pastures once in a while. Maybe you feel this way too, especially when it comes to “shepherding” your children spiritually.


Image by Carolyn Noble

Christmas is a beautiful time year but it can get filled with so many activities and obligations that the little moments of shepherding can easily get lost. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some ideas to help you deliberately point your family toward Jesus during this holiday season.

These “Faith Moments” are:


They are NOT meant to be more things to add to your already long “to-do” list. No one is going to tattle if you don’t do it all (or any of it).


They are just a few ideas to try. See what works for your family, your rhythm, your personalities. Modify them to fit your kids better.

Each Faith Moment will include three ways to focus on that week’s theme.

  • Reading the Bible – a short passage of Scripture to read aloud together.
  • Living Life – a guide for using everyday life situations to start conversations.
  • Making it Real – an activity to make the week’s theme concrete.

This Christmas we are praying for your family. May you find some sweet moments amid the busyness to get caught up in the wonder of the birth of Jesus.

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