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Ukraine Updates December 2022

The latest updates from our missionary partners in Ukraine as of December 2022. ...

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Ukraine Updates

As we discover more from Bogdan Mazur and our partners from Lifesong in Ukraine we'll post it here....

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All People. Everywhere: Unhindered

We are continuing to provide rich resources and opportunities for Spirit-driven growth through engaging in God's Word with God's people. Find both parts of the study guide for our "All People. Everywhere." series....

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Resources for "The Talk"(s)


It’s not always easy to know how to talk to our kids about the big topics. And yet, instinctively we know that we can’t avoid them because the culture around us is ready to fill in the blanks. In Proverbs 5 and 7, King Solomon broaches the tough topics of sex and temptations, in and out of marriage, with his sons with profound insight. But how are you going to tackle t...

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Unstoppable God Study Guide

To help enrich this season, we want to help you bring God's Word into the week by giving you the opportunity to study along and uncover God's truth at home. This guide has helpful introductions to the series and Book of Acts, 5-a-day readings, discussion questions for groups, and a place for your sermon notes. ...

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Just Killing the Canaanites?

world-closed-lament (1)

What are we supposed to do with passages of scripture that seemed to condone the killing of other people? Even more, what are we supposed to do with a God that would command such actions? Discover 4 great resources to better understand what God was doing in the Canaanite conquest and judgment....

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Cultural Detox Study Guide

We created a ten-week guide with 5-a-week readings in the Scriptures, group questions, and other spiritual experiences to make sure we not only reject the bad, but fill ourselves up with the good that God has for us -- replacing the 'likes' of the world, with God's own heart....

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Christmas Eve 2020

Join us as we celebrate what is truly important at Christmas in songs and stories. We will gather outdoors to sing and hear from God's Word. This short service is a perfect companion to your Christmas celebrations....

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Leaving Normal Behind Questions - Week 4

Questions out of Ephesians 2:11-22. Week 4 of Leaving Normal Behind series....

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Leaving Normal Behind Questions - Week 3

Questions out of Ephesians 2:1-10. Week 3 of Leaving Normal Behind series....

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