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Faith Moments | Week 3: He's Here!

Faith Moments

Week 3: He’s Here!

All this waiting is finally ending! Our rescuer is coming, and He is arriving as a tiny baby. Christmas is the celebration of that baby’s birth. Christmas is really a worldwide birthday party for Jesus!


Image by Omer Wazir

Reading the Bible: Luke 2:1-20 This is the story of Christmas – the birth of Jesus. Pay close attention to what the angels say to the shepherds. This is a very special baby.

Living Life: As you live life together (driving in the car, eating dinner, shopping) talk about all the amazing gifts God has given you and your family. Ask God to help you notice all the blessings He provides – food for dinner, a car to drive, a place to live, each member of your family. Older kids can understand abstract blessings like freedom, talents, even the blessings of struggles and difficult circumstances. Pray together, thanking God for all these gifts as well as the best gift of all – Jesus, Our Savior.

Making it Real: Have a birthday party for Jesus. You can make cupcakes, decorate them, and put a candle in each one. Light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. Put up a few birthday party decorations to remind you that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

Who can you invite to a Jesus Birthday Party? Maybe there are some neighbors or friends that you can include. Maybe you can incorporate the birthday cupcakes into your regular Christmas celebration and get some family members involved.

Merry Christmas!

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