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Unstoppable God Study Guide

This Sunday we start an exciting new spiritual growth series in the Book of Acts. To help enrich this season, we want to help you bring God's Word into the week by giving you the opportunity to study along and uncover God's truth at home. This guide has helpful introductions to the series and Book of Acts, 5-a-day readings, discussion questions for groups, and a place for your sermon notes. Additionally we'll have a few experiences and experiments for you to try to help bring historical rhythms of the faith into your regular practice.


Click here to download the Unstoppable God Part I: Weeks 1-6 Study Guide.

Click here to download the Unstoppable God Part II: Weeks 7-12 Study Guide.

Send us an email if you'd rather us mail you a printed copy or be sure to pick one up this Sunday.

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Excerpt from the booklet:

Pandemic. Lockdown. Censorship. Government overreach. Consumerism. Tech obsession. Total self-autonomy. Gender and sexuality confusion. Racial wounds. Isolation. Fragmentation. Violence. Depression, drug use, and alcoholism.

How many times have you heard something that happened at school, on the news, or on your friend’s social feed and it caused you to cry out, “What’s next?” in disillusion and despair? Have you ever wondered, “How can the church possibly make it with everything that’s going on?”

During the next 12 weeks, South Shores Church is taking an important journey through the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts. In this book we see that Jesus’ mission to bring reconciliation between God and humans continues through the church because of the incredible power and plans of an UNSTOPPABLE GOD.

Join us as we following the travels, obstacles, and teachings of the disciples and witness how the Holy Spirit takes the unimpressive ingredients of the early church (uneducated fishermen without their teacher) and makes the impossible possible.

During this study you will

  • see the continuation of Jesus’ ministry
  • better understand the work of the Holy Spirit
  • learn how to follow Christ faithfully in the face of opposition
  • be challenged to pray for and share with the lost
  • and most of all, get excited about God’s continuing unstoppable work today.

Our hope is that seeing God’s work in the first century increases our faith for God’s work in the 21st century, so that when we ask the question, “What’s next?” it’s not in despair, but in a victorious sense of optimism for what God will do through His church at large and through us right here in South Orange County.

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