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Leaving Normal Behind Questions - Week 3


  1. What’s the biggest change you’ve gone through in your life?


  1. What doing you think are some of the greatest “good works” that Christians could be involved in?



Read Ephesians 1:15-23 three times asking the Holy Spirit to open it to you. Our goal is to soak in the Spirit, the scripture, and its surroundings.

  1. How do we know who Paul is talking to in this section? (look to chapter 1)



Once we’ve soaked in the passage, we want to make sure we are able to see all that is really there; not interpreting, but taking note of what is present.

  1. What words are associated with being “dead” in verses 1-3?
  1. What words are associated with being made “alive” in verses 4-10? 
  1. What words describe what we did? What words describe what God did?



Now that we’re familiar with the passage, we want to get at its meaning. This isn’t about what it means to me, but what the author was intending to say.

  1. Why does Paul talk about what believers used to be? (vss 1-3) 
  1. What is Paul’s emphasis in speaking of our salvation? What does he work to make clear? (vss 4-9)
  1. For what purpose is our salvation? (vss 7,10)
  1. In your own words, what is the main point of this passage?


The goal of reading the Bible is transformation. We want to let the Word of God grow deep in us so that we can bear much fruit.

  1. How does this passage challenge or confirm your beliefs about salvation?
  1. How does this passage challenge you to think about those who haven’t been saved?
  1. Look again at verse 10. What should this encourage you to look for and ask of God each day?


Finish your time in God’s Word by using this passage as the subject of your prayer.

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