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Cultural Detox Study Guide

As our church works its way through the Book of Judges over the next ten Sundays, we wanted to offer each person in our church, and especially our Growth Groups, the opportunity to study along and uncover God's truth at home. That's why we created a ten-week guide with 5-a-week readings in the Scriptures, group questions, and other spiritual experiences to make sure we not only reject the bad, but fill ourselves up with the good that God has for us -- replacing the 'likes' of the world, with God's own heart.

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Below is an excerpt from page 2 of the booklet.

Why Study Judges?


It’s not difficult to look out at the world and say, “This place is toxic!” – rampant moral decay, abandonment of truth, and an increasing extremism, ego, and division. What can be more difficult, however, is to admit where the toxins have seeped into us – into our values, our beliefs, and our actions.

Israel too faced this problem. Faced it and failed. God had rescued His people from captivity, given them His law, His presence, and the “promised land” – but upon entering, Israel, who was supposed to be a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” was far more influenced than influencer. They allowed the toxic culture seep into and become their own culture. The Book of Judges takes us through the downward spiral of a nation and its leaders as they abandon God and pursue the wickedness of the world around them. It’s a dark book, but the darkness only serves to contrast the character and nature of our great God. Time and time again, Judges shows that Israel is a sin-sick society in need of a Savior.

Judges today is a wake-up call to the church, to us, of what happens when we cozy up to the world and let its values infiltrate our own. It’s a calling to escape the toxic culture and embrace God’s radical grace to save and to lead us into new paths. It’s a true tale of the deadly impact of sin and the faithful God who still rescues. It invites us to unplug from the devices, apps and newsfeeds that fuel our departure from God’s ways and plug ourselves back into Him. This sermons series is the admission that we need a cultural detox. We need to start replacing the “likes” of the world with God’s own heart – His values, His loves, His word, Himself. This series calls on each of us to look inside, turn back to God, and find continuing deliverance and guidance in the Savior Jesus.