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VBS 2015- Day 4

Day 4 – God Has the Power to Forgive


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It’s been another full day at Everest VBS. We found Trek hiding from his trekking buddies. After making them sick he was afraid that they would be angry and not forgive him. It’s a good day to learn about God’s power to forgive us so that we can forgive others.

Key Verse: Nehemiah 9:17b You are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.

Bible Story: - Jesus dies on the cross to take away our sins (Luke 22:31-24:12) We had a heart to heart chat with the disciple Peter at his lowest moment. As his friend Jesus was dying on the cross, Peter was afraid for his own life and denied that he knew Jesus three times. This betrayal filled Peter with guilt and despair. The kids were able to encourage Peter to ask for forgiveness knowing that God would love and forgive him. We placed our sins (thumbprints) on the cross believing that Jesus’s death on the cross forgave us our sins.

Imagination Station: Leaping Blizzard We watched our Leaping Blizzards fly high. When we realize that God has forgiven us we feel like jumping for joy! Without his death on the cross that forgave our sins we have no reason to leap for joy.

KidVid: Philip shares how he had to forgive his little brother Timothy for breaking a special, treasured toy.

Character of the Day: Pike, our Himalayan Mountain Goat

Glacier Games: We used clothespins to symbolize forgiveness. We ran around receiving and giving away forgiveness. We also threw snowballs in a bucket. Sinning is like every time we miss the bucket. When we mess up we know that Jesus has the power to forgive our misses in life.

Mountaintop Treats: We enjoyed refueling with some delicious Summit Sponge Cake.

Our “God’s Sightings” board is getting full! Your kiddos are seeing many ways that God has been working this week!

See you tomorrow for a celebration filled day!