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South Shores San Juan Wacky VBS 2015

It has been quite the three wacky days at South Shores San Juan’s first VBS. Each day the wacky Dr. Petri and his lovely lab assistant, Sally, revealed through exciting and mega-powered science experiments God’s wonderful plan for us.


On Day 1, we learned that God’s plan was to be with us. Because of sin our relationship with God was changed. Our sin separated us from God, but lucky for us that is not where God left us.

On Day 2, Sally taught us that God’s plan was to save us. Jesus died on the cross to remove the separation between God and us.

On Day 3, we learned about chain reactions and how we can be part of the biggest chain reaction in the world! We can share the news of God’s plan and love for us. If we share with someone and they share with someone and they share with someone, God’s love will go all over the world. God plan is to love us forever.

Our Wacky Week has sadly come to an end but as our kid learned today, Jesus loves for us will never end.


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