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Adventures in Thailand



THANK YOU South Shores for praying for us, Susan Billhorn, Jack & Vicki Blau, for the 3 weeks we were in Chiang Mai & Bangkok Thailand with ISP (International School Project), a ministry of CRU & The Jesus Film. ISP has ministered in 27 countries for 27 years. We have done 750 conferences, taught 90,000 teachers, mostly in public schools, who have taught millions of students. We started in Russia & Ukraine when they were freed from communism, & still go there. We have a "Christian Morals & Values" curriculum & a Parenting one.


In Thailand we were with a team of 20 from different states, churches & all walks of life. We did three 3-day conferences, were trained, went shopping, sight seeing, ate at many ethnic restaurants & even rode elephants. We had great fellowship. Our curriculum was "Dream Makers, Dream Breakers", what breaks students dreams is alcohol, drugs & sex, the curriculum teaches them to have self esteem & goals, & how & why to say "No". Our leaders give fun, active presentations on teaching & world views. Thailand is 95% Buddhist, so it was a challenge. Most of us lead small groups in discussions & activities. We have interpreters, so it is rewarding to get to know the teachers through "Life Stories". When we can, we show The Jesus Film & give out Bibles. All get the 33 lesson curriculum.

In both cities the conferences were held in large Christian schools, 6,000 students & 500 teachers. It is exciting to see God work, & see changes in peoples lives. It is a very effective curriculum - in a town in Guatemala with 20,000 students, after 10 years the pregnancy rate went down 40%, the 2 gangs disbanded & the leaders became Christians, amazing.


Join us, 5 others from SSC have gone on trips - Doug Burt, Chuck Prince, Patti Columbus, Lois Kempff & Joel Parker. It is very exciting to experience other cultures. It is easy, you pick a trip from the schedule, pay a fee that covers all expenses, they make all the arrangements. You are used by God & blessed greatly. If you can't go, you can sponsor someone else or help pay for Bibles, the Jesus film DVD's or curriculums. If you have questions, talk to one of us, we're in the directory.

May God bless you richly,

Vicki for the SSC ISP team


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