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Our Team

(This page is still under development)

Pastoral Team

Ty Guy, Senior Pastor |

Ron Cline, Pastor of Seniors |

Kris DiLeo, Associate Pastor |

Micah Guy, Associate Pastor |

Erik Williams, Pastor of Youth |

Derick Zeulner, Associate Pastor |


Ministry Team

Katie Poole, Kids Ministry

Brian Gholson, Kids Ministry & Facilities

Emili Hilde, Youth & Young Adults

Robert Mayer, Contemporary Worship

Cody Nord, Youth & Young Adults

Bob Perry, Traditional Worship

Bob VanderZaag, Visitation

Linda Kohlhagen, Womens Ministry


Support Team

Damien Cortese, Chief Financial Officer

Linda Doucette, Operations

Casey Gholson, Seniors, Wedding Coordinator  

Barbara Houghston, Communications

GG Kohlhagen, Facilities Director

JC Mendoza, Facilities

Jack Spear, Audio/Video

Sondra Wolin, Executive Asst.

Dru Wood-Golden, Finances

Becky Perez, Finances