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How to Embrace Rest When Work Never Ends

Not only are we created to work for God's glory, but our gracious Father has built rest into our day (sleep) and our week (Sabbath). But what does that look like in our always-connected, digital age? Or with children?! And is it just for us?


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Author, Courtney Reissig identifies with these struggles, but also brings up other questions as well, like, "Is our rest supposed to look just like how we want it, or could it be part of God's plan to intentionally be involved in the lives and rest of others?"

Here's an excerpt:

But if work is about people, our rest is as well. Just as we’re tempted to view our work as done for our own glory, we’re tempted to view our rest the same way. I see this in my own life when I lament my lack of rest—by which I mean I haven’t had a break from my kids in a while. But I can rest while watching a show with them, playing soccer with them outside, or eating dinner with them. Sometimes rest is watching Netflix by myself, and sometimes it’s eating pizza in the living room with my kids. As Kevin DeYoung observes, “Effective love is rarely efficient. People take time. Relationships are messy.”

And another:

While we might cease from work in our rest, we don’t cease from delight. Our resting makes way for feasting. And our ceasing makes way for embracing and loving others. Of course, this requires a shift in our thinking. Work and rest are about loving our neighbor. Work and rest are about worshiping God and enjoying the good things he has given us. Yes, balance is needed. Personality types and seasons of life determine how much individual rest we need. But it’s not all about our own personal gratification.

Intrigued to read more about rest for the glory of God? Check out the full article here:


And after you read it, maybe get a little rest... or find some others and rest together.

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