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North America

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Alliance Defense Fund – U.S.

The Alliance Defense Fund is a legal alliance defending our right to hear and speak the truth through strategy, training, funding and litigation.The ADF helps to defend religious freedom in America. Each summer, a new group of outstanding Christian law school students spend their summers in Phoenix, AZ in an intensive introduction to the legal defense of religious liberty. They then spend time with Allied lawyers, ministries and organizations defending the sanctity of life, religious liberty and marriage and the family.

Alan Sears is the president and CEO of ADF and Jim Anderson who heads the Western Region has a keen interest in legal issues and a passion for helping people develop a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. /



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ASK Mentoring Outreach, Inc. – U.S.

The purpose of ASK Mentoring Outreach is to recruit local volunteers to be trained and monitored in a one-on-one prisoner visitation program. Prisoners often receive few or no visits from the outside. Inmates are matched with volunteers who visit and correspond on a monthly basis. Positive effects of this program are seen in the lives of the volunteer and the inmate. The volunteer has the joy of presenting Christ to someone who may not know Him and the inmate sees God working in the life of a believer.

Pray for the volunteers and their inmate friends. Pam Petix is the Director of this Outreach and Alison Urbank-Smith is SSC contact. /




Dr. Walter & Fran Becker – U.S.

The Cottage On Coronado Island

Dr. Becker received his M.Div and PhD in Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Fran Becker received her MS degree from the University of Southern California. They are both licensed therapists. The Cottage is a lovely guest house on Coronado, with the ocean on one side and San Diego Bay on the other. It is here where Walt and Fran meet with couples seeking an intensive intervention to a crisis in their marriage or ministry. Some couples, not in crisis, spend a week at The Cottage to enrich their marriage. Missionary couples are encouraged to visit The Cottage for a time of marriage renewal and rest to protect from burn out and to seek the Lord's direction before returning to the field. /




Minna Kayser – U.S.

M & K Ministry

Minna ministers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to adult missionary kids (AMKs) who were deeply wounded on the mission field and have been in spiritual and emotional bondage as a result ever since. Her goal, and the goal of the two women who work with her, is to bring these AMKs to a place of spiritual and emotional freedom and enable them to live well adjusted, fully functional lives in fellowship with the Lord and in His service. They strive to bring restoration to a right relationship with God, recovery from emotional wounds and renewing the mind, reconciliation for broken relationships and regeneration for broken homes.

Pray for physical health, strength and wisdom in each ministry session. /




Brian & Anna Kleinsasser – U.S.

Youth With A Mission

The Kleinsassers have two direct relationships with our church family. Anna is the daughter of Robert and Joan Johnson and the sister of Jeni Duff. Brian and Anna have been with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1992 and with Impact World Tour (IWT) since 1999. IWT hosts events to bring the gospel message to unchurched people who come for entertainment but hear an uncompromising message of the cross of Jesus Christ. They do an extensive follow-up with people who come to know Christ at these events. Brian also gives support to staff in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Brian and Anna had served in Australia and were working in New Zealand when he was called to the headquarters of IWT in Lee’s Summit, Missouri to be the Financial Administrator.

Brian and Anna have four children Elizabeth, Johanna, Samuel and Daniel. /




Pastor Drew & Tamara Koen – U.S.

Hope Community Church, Pico Rivera, CA

Hope Community Church is in the middle of Pico Rivera, a city on the lower end of the economic ladder. Drugs, gangs and broken homes are prevalent but they believe that God has placed them where they need to be. They face many challenges but view them as opportunities. They are seeing lives changed by the power of God’s Word. This group of kingdom-minded people of God are committed to keeping Hope Community Church maintaining the great reputation that it has developed in the community while focusing their efforts on street evangelism and intercessory prayer. ‘Reaching our world with God’s love — one heart at a time’ is part of their mission statement.

They ask for continued prayer support and encouragement.




Kraig and Susan Meyer – U.S.

Turkish World Outreach

Kraig and Susan Meyer felt the Lord calling them to minister to the Muslims of Turkey in 1967. They were working on church planting teams for 12 years in four different cities. The Turkish government finally put them out of the country in 1981, but the Meyers simply moved to Germany to continue their ministry among the two million Turkish immigrant workers in that country for the next 8 years. In 1989 they moved back to the USA to minister to students at the University of Colorado. In 2006 the Meyers returned to Turkey to join another church planting team ministering in a city that has no Christian church of any kind. Now back in the U.S., they visit churches and hold Bible studies with Turkish and other international students at the University of Colorado. The Meyers have two children and five grandchildren. /




Orange County Rescue Mission – U.S.

A beacon of hope for many hurting people, the Village of Hope is an expansion of OCRM and will help to aid some of the approximately 35,000 homeless people in Orange County. The facility is an entire community of housing with an Adult Education Center, Child Development Center, Health Center and Chapel. A cheery dining facility, children’s playground and beautiful grounds add much to life at the Village of Hope. This is a place where homeless and poor families can transform their lives while staying together. It is a long term solution to homelessness and poverty. Their prayer is for God’s blessing in supplying the needs of the village and the spiritual needs of those to whom they minister.




Significant Living / CASA – U.S.

One of the major goals of Significant Living is to encourage the members not to waste their lives. They want to help seniors find fulfilling ministry using the gifts and experience that God has given them in the first half of their lives. From focus on mentoring to missions, from intergenerational to peer ministry, from volunteerism to new careers in the second half, Significant Living wants to make sure their members will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

John Thill is the Director of Ministry for Christian Association of Senior Adult Ministries (CASA) which is part of this outreach. CASA provides leadership resources and training for pastors and lay leaders in ministry with adults 50+. Second Halfers are challenged to live a life of purpose and to make a difference. /




For 115 years, The Pocket Testament League has been encouraging and equipping Christians to read, carry and share the Word of God. The league now has 187,000 members who have ‘dedicated a pocket to God.’ In that pocket they carry a gospel. Each morning their prayer is that God would prepare a heart for them to witness to through the power of His Word. As God leads them to those hearts, they are prepared to share Jesus through that little booklet that tells of eternal life in Jesus. Gospels are free and can be obtained on their website.

Pray for Rik Mumma, the local Director, as he visits churches and presents this great opportunity to spread the Word. /




Timothy II & Lavona Lent – U.S.

In 1967, Timothy II was named ‘Orange County Football Coach of the Year.’ After an extremely successful coaching career, an untimely death in the family jarred him. He began to seek the Lord and His direction and he and Lavona committed their lives to serving Jesus Christ. In 1986, Timothy II was ordained and the Timothy II Group was formed. They minister to the needs of poor saints around the world by shipping clothing, food, medicines, office supplies and other necessities. As evangelists, they go to the streets, prisons, orphanages, schools and villages to share the love of God and His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. As messengers, they minister to pastors, evangelists and Christian leaders.

Pray for wisdom and guidance as they spread the Word of God to the unreached.




Dr. Steve & Kelly Walter – U.S.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Steve Walter teaches at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, Texas, in a training program for Wycliffe Bible Translators. He advises students, consults on projects and visits out in the field helping members. Kelly works as the Director of Admissions for GIAL and teaches English in an ESL program.

They ask prayer for wisdom in helping graduate students finish their advanced training and for graduates heading to the field as translators and literacy workers. Pray for safety and protection as Steve travels to Cameroon, Guatemala and the Philippines and for protection and the faithfulness of God for colleagues facing challenges in their work in translation in various areas of the world. /




Daniel & Shelly Young – Mexico

Latin American Mission

Daniel and Shelly Young have worked with the Latin America Mission for twenty years. For the past four and a half years, Daniel has been working with COMIMEX in Southern Baja California, Mexico. His assignment is to speak to children in local churches presenting the gospel and challenging them to consider long term involvement in missions. Daniel encourages children to consider preparing themselves to become missionaries.Daniel spends a month at a local church involving up to 25 volunteers from the local churches in presenting the program. The four weeks include sharing the Gospel, challenging the children to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, showing that cross cultural missions is biblical, showing the needs of the world around us, and giving the children an opportunity to experience what being a missionary might look like (from a child's point of view).

Daniel and Shelly invite you to visit them in La Paz, Mexico. / /




 Jay Seculow- US

ACLU – American Center for Law and Justice 

Religious freedom & freedom of speech

Founded in 1990 with the mandate to protect religious and constitutional freedoms, the American
Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) engages legal, legislative, and cultural issues by implementing an effective strategy of advocacy, education, and litigation that includes representing clients before the Supreme Court of the United States and international tribunals around the globe.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the ACLJ’s work reaches across the globe with affiliated offices in Israel, Russia, Kenya, France, Pakistan, South Korea, and Zimbabwe. In addition to its religious liberties work, the ACLJ also focuses on constitutional law involving the issues of national security, human life, marriage, judicial nominations, pornography, and protecting patriotic expression such as our National Motto and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Email:,  donate online



Robert & Rocia Sundberg- Mexico

Arm of The Lord 

Robert Sundberg and wife, Rocio Sundberg Velasco, with their two children, Robert and Rachel, live and minister in Oaxaca, MX. There ministry focuses on the Unreached Groups in the mountain villages around the state. They minister to several groups in Mexico on a regular basis: Zapotecos of San Andres, Azpotecos of Santa Catarins, Mixteco, Mixe and Chinanteco groups.


Ministry Support address: 415 S. Kenwood, Royal Oak, MI 48067




Morgan Meader and Bill Cain - Mexico

Casa Hogar Belen 

Supporting this orphanage in Tijuana, MX, with donations in the love of Christ. Monthly day trips…

Casa Hogar Belen is located in the eastern Otay Mesa region of Tijuana, Mexico,
approximately 3-4 miles across the border. It is a non-profit Christian-based organization/facility.
 It also serves as the local church for the community (Barrio), with an onsite church included on the grounds. It was founded in 1976 by Mama Antonia Barajas (38 years). Over 7,000 orphans have been nurtured at Casa Hogar since 1977. Most have been abandoned, abused or neglected. The majority of orphans are required to leave, once they turn 18 years old. Some stay on to help as staff members, when openings arise. 

Orphanages in Mexico receive no funds from their government. Casa Hogar Belen is 100% supported by a number of churches throughout Southern California. Contractors have come down over the years to replace roofs, fencing, walls, etc. (Using their time, usually during the week, as well as leading groups of us on Saturday trips for various projects).The children are nurtured in a protective environment, attend school and are well grounded Biblically. There are a number of orphans who are currently attending college in Tijuana and other areas of Mexico.

Note: Trips are for one day only on Saturdays. Trips are every other month, typically in
February, April, June, August, October and December. There are two key annual trips
made each year:
1) The Annual Beach Day at Rosarito Beach (Early August)
2) The Annual Christmas Fiesta (Early December)

Ministry Support contact information: Morgan Meader (949) 303-6036, and Bill Cain (714) 822-4098.

(all donation checks to be made out to "Casa Hogar Belen")



Chuck and Charla Pereau - Mexico

Foundation for His Ministry

Chuck and Charla Pereau founded this ministry 48 years ago. Foundation For His Ministry is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization with over 150 volunteer missionary staff that has served the poorest of the poor in Mexico for almost 50 years. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus through rescuing children, restoring the needy, and reaching the lost.


Ministry Support address: FFHM USA, PO Box 74000, San Clemente, CA 92673-0134 




Helping Hands - US

Sita Helms Primary source of food for Feed The Need, the food ministry located on SSCSJ campus, and, The Military Fund, located on Camp Pendleton.

Email: 949.230.7318

Ministry Support address: 31121 Holly Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Put “Feed The Need” in the note line on the check



Orange County Southern Baptist Association -US

The Orange County Southern Baptist Association is made up of 141 autonomous Southern Baptist congregations representing 47 countries and speaking 10 different languages in worship. Our diversity is our strength. The Lord has brought the nations to us and we are constantly seeking new ways to Advance His Kingdom Together. //

Mailing Address: 250 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 101 Santa Ana, CA 92705