COVID-19 UPDATE: Special Update from Pastor Ty on our plans for re-opening.

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Summer Kids

Summer Kids

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Who: South Shore Kids Families

Where: South Shores Church -- The Lawn

When: July 27th- 31st


Cost: This event is free except for TK Burger on Friday. Meals are $8 per person.

Meal tickets may be purchased ahead at the time of registration or on-campus by Thursday.


Join us for a week centered around family, fellowship, and fun. In lieu of VBS, South Shores Kids has created a week for the WHOLE family. Join us as we celebrate being together!

In preparation for the week, below, you will find a nightly schedule and what to expect and what to bring!

Here is the schedule for each evening:

5:30-6:00 Get ready, get set, EAT

6:00-6:15 Welcome, Wave, and Worship

6:15-7:00 Family Activities

A Special Note about Wednesday:

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day: On Wednesday, July 29th, instead of meeting on campus, we will be providing your family with a chance to go and show Random Acts of Kindness. We will provide you with a list of suggestions (or feel free to come up with your own) and encourage you to show South Shores Kids love in our community. Take pictures of what your family is doing, and we will show them in a slideshow on Friday before we eat TK burger! Please send pictures to

What to Expect:

  • FUN! Each night will have a specific theme, and we encourage both kids and parents to come dressed up.
    • Monday: PJ Night
    • Tuesday: Western Night
    • Wednesday: Special off-campus day- Random Acts of Kindness
    • Thursday: Disney Night
    • Friday: Hawaiian Night
  • A chance to be silly! Each night we are providing activities for your family to do together. From silly games, to crafts, to worshipping our God as a family, we hope that this week will create memories!
  • Social Distancing- at South Shores, we are doing our best to respect state and local government guidelines. Once you arrive on the lawn, we will have socially distanced designated spaces for each family. We ask that your family remain in your area during the event to respect guidelines as well as the comfort of other families. We promise that you will still be able to see and talk to your friends from your spaces! Masks are optional because our event is held outside.


What to Bring Each Night:

  • The WHOLE Family! This is not only an event designed for kids; parents we want to spend time with you as well (drop offs will not be allowed).
  • Something to sit on- We are going to be outside for the whole event! Bring chairs, blankets, etc.
  • Bring your own Dinner (optional). From 5:30-6:00 pm each night (except Friday), we will be eating together on the lawn. If you do not plan on eating with us, we suggest you arrive at 6:00 pm to give families time to finish their dinner. We will be providing a snack each night (gluten- free options available).