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South Shores Kids Online

Welcome to South Shores Kids Online! Here you can access the Bible Story, video, activity pages, and fun at home activities you can do together as a family! ssckids-online

Here’s how you can enjoy these church videos and use the content provided as a family:

  1. Read the Bible Story and Watch the Video Together

Read the Story from the Bible together as a family. After you have read it, watch the Bible Story Video during the Sunday Kids Service (available on YouTube, Facebook or on-demand).

  1. Discuss the "Talk About It"

Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.

  1. Work on Coloring Pages and Choose an at-home Family Action

Included are coloring pages, activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child. 


Sunday, April 11th

The Emmaus Disciples- Luke 24


  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  2. Have you learned anything about Jesus that surprises you?
  3. Did the two disciples know Jesus was talking with them? (Read Luke 24:16)
  4. What had the people hoped Jesus would do? (Read Luke 24:21)
  5. What did Jesus use to teach about Himself? (Read Luke 24:27)
  6. What is your favorite Old Testament story, and how does it point to Jesus? (Guide kids to discuss stories they enjoyed learning about from the Old Testament. Consider using the Small Group Timeline to point out specific stories your group has covered. Help the kids remember how those stories connect to the one big story of Jesus.)
  7. When do you feel most excited about Jesus and the gospel? (Encourage the kids to be honest about their Some kids may feel most excited when learning new things about the Bible. Other kids may feel most excited when doing good deeds to honor Jesus with their lives. And still others may feel most excited when they are singing praises or praying to Him. Help kids see that all three are normal, good responses to the truth of Jesus.)
  8. How can we be a part of the story of Jesus? Guide kids to think about the ways we can live on mission and allow God’s power to work through us. Discuss the importance of using our time, talents, and resources to glorify Jesus in the world.


Walk Outside 

Lead kids on a walk outside.  Talk to each other as you walk. Tell children that people in Jesus’ time walked long distances together. Remind children that in Bible times, people did not have cars, buses, subways, or trains. Some people had a donkey, horse, or camel, but most people simply walked. Review the Bible story with questions as you walk and talk. If walking outside is not possible, walk around inside the building. Look for books, crosses, pictures, and other items that help people learn about Jesus.

SAY • The two disciples were walking and talking about the things they had seen and heard. The stories the disciples told about Jesus and the things Jesus explained from Moses and the prophets are all in the Bible. The whole Bible is about Jesus.


Through All Scripture

Print enough copies of the “Through All Scripture” printable so that each kid has a set of cards. Help the kids cut out their cards and punch a hole in a corner of each. Allow each kid to decorate her set of cards using glitter glue, markers, stickers, or other craft supplies. Then, help the kids cut a 3- to 4-inch length of yarn, string it through the set of cards, and tie the ends to make a loop.

SAY • Just as that bit of yarn holds all the cards in your craft together, Jesus is the “thread” that ties all of Scripture together. Jesus taught that all the Scriptures point to Him. Every story in the Bible is really telling one big story, and that story is all about Jesus. Whom can you share the story with? Use these cards to help you share the whole story of Scripture.