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South Shores Kids Online

Welcome to South Shores Kids Online! Here you can access the Bible Story, video, activity pages, and fun at home activities you can do together as a family! ssckids-online

Here’s how you can enjoy these church videos and use the content provided as a family:

  1. Read the Bible Story and Watch the Video Together

Read the Story from the Bible together as a family. After you have read it, watch the Bible Story Video during the Sunday Kids Service (available on YouTube, Facebook or on-demand).

  1. Discuss the "Talk About It"

Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.

  1. Work on Coloring Pages and Choose an at-home Family Action

Included are coloring pages, activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child. 


Sunday, January 17th

Jesus Taught About Possessions- Luke 12


  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  2. Have you learned anything about Jesus that surprises you?
  3. What happened to the rich man who stored up his possessions? (Read Luke 12:20)
  4. What did Jesus say about the birds? (Read Luke 12:24)
  5. What treasure did Jesus tell people to seek? (Read Luke 12:31-33)
  6. What does “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” mean? (Guide kids to see that when we value something a lot, we think about it. Whatever we treasure most, we will spend our time and energy trying to get or protect. Help them see that greed distracts us from loving God and obeying His commands to be )
  7. What do you think treasure in heaven will be like? (Talk to the kids about what they think. Encourage them to be honest. Gently guide them away from the traditional ideas of gold, silver, or jewels. Help them see that heavenly treasure has more to do with enjoying God’s perfection and living in a perfect, restored world.)
  8. How can we avoid greed and selfishness? (Help kids understand that to overcome greed we must understand Jesus’ generosity displayed on the cross. As we better understand the extravagant generosity of Christ, our love for Him will move us to show generosity as Jesus did.)


Go on a Nature Walk

Lead your kids on a walk outside looking for flowers and birds. Pause to admire the beauty of the flowers and remind children what Jesus said about them. Watch what the birds do and remind your kids  that God provides for them. Praise God for the reminders of Himself in His creation.

SAY: Jesus taught people not to worry. He reminded people how God cares for His creation—that includes us! We can give cheerfully and trust God to give us everything we need. He already gave us everything we need to trust Him! God shows His love for us through Jesus, His Word, and creation. Thank you, God!


Wants and Needs

Designate one side of the room as Wants and the other side as Needs. You may choose to make signs and hang them for your kids to see. Say the names of different objects the kids might own or wish to own. Instruct your kids to move to the side of the room that accurately describes the object you named. Allow your kids time to explain their reasoning. You may read from the suggested list below or come up with your own.

  • clothing
  • healthy food
  • junk food
  • new toys
  • pets
  • school supplies
  • clean water

SAY: Some of those were things we definitely need, and some of those were probably just things we want. Today, we learned what Jesus taught about what we want and need. There’s one thing we need most of all. What do you think that is?