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South Shores Kids Online

Welcome to South Shores Kids Online! Here you can access the Bible Story, video, activity pages, and fun at home activities you can do together as a family! ssckids-online

Here’s how you can enjoy these church videos and use the content provided as a family:

  1. Read the Bible Story and Watch the Video Together

Read the Story from the Bible together as a family. After you have read it, watch the Bible Story Video during the Sunday Kids Service (streaming Sunday at 9:00 am or on-demand).

  1. Discuss the "Talk About It"

Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.

  1. Work on Coloring Pages and Choose an at-home Family Action

Included are coloring pages, activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child. 


Sunday June 28th

Zechariah The Prophet


  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  2. Have you learned anything about Jesus that surprises you?
  3. What did a prophet do? (Share Go's mesage with the people)
  4. What did God tell Zechariah to collect from the people? (Read Zechariah 6:9)
  5. What was the special message of hope to God’s people? (Read Zechariah 9:9)
  6. Why do you think God spoke this message of hope through Zechariah? (Guide the kids to see that God cares for us. The Israelites were struggling in rebuilding the temple and finding their identity as a people. God reminded them that they are His chosen people.)
  7. How can we be encouraged to obey God even when life is difficult? Help the kids understand that God has given us hope for a future eternity with Him, but we also get to be part of His kingdom here on this earth. Our obedience flows out of our love for Him and for what He has done for us.)
  8. How do we know Jesus is the Messiah? Guide kids to understand that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, and God showed other people that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus perfectly fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, such as those found in today’s story, and did miracles to prove His identity as God’s Son. Jesus perfectly obeyed all the law, showing us exactly who God is.)


Go and Come Back

Use painter’s tape to make a triangle on the floor. Stand in the triangle. Direct your child to move around the room. When you say “Come back to me,” your child should come back to you in the triangle. When you say “Spread out,” your child should spread back out around the room. Play several rounds. Consider allowing your child to have a turn at saying come back and spread out. 

SAY • God told Zechariah to say to His people, “Come back to Me, and I will come back to you.” We are sinners. We do things that make God sad, but when we do, we can come back to God. We can tell Him we are sorry. He will always forgive us, not because we say we are sorry, but because of Jesus. Zechariah said the Messiah is coming. Jesus is the Messiah who died on the cross to rescue us from sin.



Pin The King on The Donkey

Print the “Donkey and King” printable and cut out the kings. Make small loops of tape to place on the back of each king. Blindfold each family member, spin them around, and allow them to attempt taping a king to the donkey. The family member who gets the closest after each person has had a turn wins.

SAY • Zechariah prophesied about the coming Messiah by saying that Israel’s king would come into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. That doesn’t sound like a very grand entrance for a king. This exact prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.