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Welcome to South Shores Kids Online! Here you can access the Bible Story, video, activity pages, and fun at home activities you can do together as a family! 

Here’s how you can enjoy these church videos and use the content provided as a family:

  1. Read the Bible Story and Watch the Video Together

Read the Story from the Bible together as a family. After you have read it, watch the Bible Story Video during the Sunday Kids Service (available on YouTube, Facebook or on-demand).

  • Discuss the "Talk About It"

Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.

  1. Work on Coloring Pages and Choose an at-home Family Action

Included are coloring pages, activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child. 


Sunday, May 15th

God Controls Everything - Job


  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  2. Have you learned anything about Jesus that surprises you?
  3. Tell us about a time you lost something you loved. How did you respond? (In our story Job lost everything he had. God allowed Satan to take away his children, his livestock, wealth, and then his health. Job had questions for God and we often do too— especially when we go through hard times. It’s normal to have questions, but some of our questions may never be answered. We can remember Who God is. He is the creator of all things, including us, and His plans are good. He wants what is best for us. God knows that the best thing we can have is Him! He wants us to learn to trust Him even when sad things happen.)
  4. Have you ever stood up for someone? Have they stood up for you? What happened? (In our story Job wanted someone to speak to God for him. He needed a mediator. Guide the kids to understand that we all need a mediator in Christ. He stands up for us and speaks to God on our behalf. (Optional: choose a volunteer to read Hebrews 7:25) Jesus prays for us everyday, so even when we don’t know what we should pray, Jesus is praying for us!)
  5. Tell us about a time you didn’t get your way. How did you feel? (Help the kids understand that we often feel entitled our plans and when God has other plans we get frustrated or angry. Job didn’t understand what God was doing when He allowed Satan to take away everything Job had. It would be easy for him to be angry with God. Maybe we’ve all felt that way at times. God knows everything and sees things that we can’t see. His thoughts and plans are bigger and better than ours, and He is trustworthy.)





Provide one piece of paper for each child. Place jumbo washable ink pads on the table with the other supplies. Roll up each child’s sleeves, and help kids put smocks over their clothes. Lead each child to select an animal shape cookie cutter. Then, show kids how to press the cookie cutter onto the stamp pad and then onto their papers. Ask where children would like you to write their names on their papers. Talk about the Bible story.

SAY You used the cookie cutters to make animal shapes on your paper. We learned in our Bible story that Job had many animals. They were taken from him and he was sad. Job wanted to trust God. We can trust God too.




Give each kid a 3-by-3-inch square of white paper. Supply colored pencils or markers and invite kids to each draw a design on the square. Suggest kids use several colors and draw something that reminds them of the Bible story.

After a few minutes, lead kids to arrange the squares on a large piece of black paper. Provide glue for kids to fix each square into position. Hang the mosaic in your room as a reminder that God sees the bigger picture and controls everything.

SAY For every one thing we understand God is doing in our lives, He is doing ten thousand more things that we may not understand, or even know about! God controls everything. He sees the big picture. God is all-powerful, sovereign, and good. We can trust Him.