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Community Bible Reading

Community Bible Reading is a weekly gathering of women with the purpose of reading and talking about the Bible.

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Starting this Fall on Tuesday, September 15, we are starting a whole new way of doing “Bible Study”!

In fact, we are calling it “Community Bible Reading” because it is open to the community,  women of all ages and every type of background.  Those who have never read the Bible, those who have peeked at it and those who know it well, will all get a unique experience reading along with us.


There will be no fill in the blank, or focusing on one book for the whole semester.  Instead, we will be reading the whole New Testament in one academic school year.  That’s right, by reading 1 chapter a day,  in 8 short months, you will be able to say you read the whole New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation.


Weekly, we will come together to discuss what we read during that week.  In the company of a small group, you will be able to share your thoughts on the reading (similar to a book club),  get clarity on points you found confusing and be inspired by what God teaches you personally through his Word. Then, in a larger group, a speaker will inspire you with a message from the passages, that you may or may not have thought about in your own reading.


“It wasn’t until I started reading straight through the Bible, that I saw the continuity in the writings of the apostles.  I found that there is one main message of the Bible and it is written through out the pages.  Reading the Bible has become exciting for me! It is my hope that women will join this new way of reading the Bible together and ignite their own excitement."  - Anita Hadley


Childcare is available at an additional cost for infant through elementary.  Space is limited so sign up early!