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Weird Animals - Day 05

On our last day at Weird Animals VBS we learned that even when you're afraid. . . Jesus loves you! Today Dr. Paws was a little afraid about his lost "stink-o-saurus," but thankfully he knew that Jesus would still love him (and thankfully he found little "stink-o" too). There are a lot of things in the world that can scare us, like wiggly food and scary sounds that seem to come from nowhere (or from our new little whistle-makers). But no matter what you are scared of, Jesus loves you and He is bigger than your fears.

Thanks for joining us for an incredible week and for some incredible food at our 'Tail End' burger bash. Check back soon for the slideshow of pictures from all the excitement of this week! And register now for Wacky Wednesdays!

VBS 2014 - Day 05– Image 1 of 12


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