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Today was all about celebrating that Jesus gives us love.

We got to show our Crew Leaders a little love in games. For every hole-in-one in Cave Golf, kids got a chance to shower their leader with sponge balls. At the Cavern Café we rolled up some Veggie Hugs that help us remember how each one of us is wrapped in Jesus’ love. In KidVid, Noa struggled to get along with his sister, until digging into God’s Word showed him how to treat her with Jesus’s love.

But the amazing magnitude of Jesus’ love was really made real in the Imagination Station and the Bible room. The Flicker Fliers fly high but sometimes miss the target, just like we do. But we can be assured that Jesus gives us love and forgiveness even when we miss the mark. In fact Jesus loves us so much that He died to pay for our sins (all those times we miss the mark). We saw a shadow play of Jesus on the cross, and celebrated when the Light of the world came back to life!

What an amazing day!


VBS 2016 - Day 4– Image 1 of 11


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