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VBS 2015 - Day 3

Day 3 - God Has the Power to Heal


VBS 2015 - Day 3– Image 1 of 10


We had a great day here at Everest VBS! Trek was feeling much better today, although now his team members are all coming down with colds. If they don’t feel better soon they won’t be able to climb Mt. Everest. Throughout the day we learned that God has the power to heal us both physically and emotionally.

Key Verse: Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

Bible Story: - Naaman and Elisha (2 Kings 5) Commander Naaman was looking for a few fit, strong, and disciplined soldiers for his army. We marched, rebuilt walls and lifted heavy stones under his leadership. Unfortunately, valiant Naaman was sick with leprosy. A servant girl told Naaman to find Elisha, a prophet of God. Naaman was told to dip himself 7 times in the river Jordan to be healed. We marched along with Naaman and dipped our hands 7 times in the Jordan River and witnessed God’s miraculous power to heal.

Imagination Station: Incredi-Balls We watched loose sand ‘heal’ together to form a ball. Like skin healing together after a cut, God has the ability to piece together and heal us physically and emotionally.

KidVid: When Cole’s dad became really sick, the whole family was able to experience how God healed him. Character of the Day: Mallory, our beautiful bird from the Himalayas Glacier

Games: We ran around in interconnected groups and then defrosted frozen t-shirts. Through these wacky games we learned about working together and waiting patiently on God.

Mountaintop Treats: After all that marching (and a bit of playing) we were able to enjoy tasty rice cakes with honey cream cheese and strawberries. Even soldiers need to eat sometime!

The kids are adding more “God sightings” to the board. It’s amazing seeing all God is doing this week! 2 more days to go…