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Family Christmas Party



Come to the Family Christmas Party and Talent Show on Dec. 4 at 6pm!

Family Christmas poster 2016-1 NO BACKDoes your Christmas essentials checklist include: a cozy family dinner, sugar sprinkles, enjoying kids being kids, and the real story of Christmas?. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, kid, or anyone who enjoys the beautiful ruckus of real life with real children, this is an event for you. So take a break from the glitz and polish of the “perfect” Christmas. Enjoy the simple pleasure of an evening with friends, food, frosting, girls in frilly dresses and boys with their cowlicks plastered down.

Join us as we celebrate the humble birth of a baby laid in a simple manager that changed absolutely everything.

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I will be bringing my Granddaughter Desiree

Jennifer and Lauren'a grandparents Larry and Laurece will be bringing the girls to the party!

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