COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now doing Drive-In services at 9:30 & 11 am in addition to our house churches and online service (at 9:30 and on-demand). Discover what else we're doing to be the church in this crisis.

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Drive-In Worship Services


Hello Church Family,
I know that many of you have questions about whether or not we will still have our online services, whether you should still be in a house church or not, or maybe wondering if there is any way of meeting on campus together this Sunday. Here are the answers:
Yes! We are going to continue the same wonderful online UNITED WORSHIP SERVICE that we’ve been enjoying since March 15.
Yes!  We are encouraging you to turn your home into a South Shores HOUSE CHURCH on Sunday morning, and invite in your family, friends, and neighbors— if you are comfortable doing that.
YES! We are adding a NEW LIVE WORSHIP SERVICE in the PARKING LOT at church at 9:30 and again at 11:00 AM Sunday Morning.
This service will be led by our Contemporary Worship Team and will have the preaching LIVE that you can access through your car radio at 91.9 FM.
We’ll spread out in the parking lot and invite you to bring a lawn chair, bring your mask (optional), bring your family, and come together for a great time of worship.  South Shores Kids Ministry will provide “worship materials” for your children in your car.
Some people will have their HOUSE CHURCH early and then come to the 11:00 Parking Lot Service. YOU put the schedule together in a way that works for you. Most importantly: Let’s WORSHIP the Lord together!
I hope you’ll join us this Sunday, in your home, a house church or in the parking lot as we continue to do what we can to help everyone worship together in the ways that are most appropriate to each of your own health and living situation. This is a time of transition and thank you for being willing to roll and flex with us as we seek God throughout the uncertainty. And Please, keep reaching out, beyond the noise of masks, restrictions, and disappointments to help others know the love of Jesus.
Happy Father’s Day!  Happy Heavenly Father’s Day… 
God bless you,
Pastor Ty


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I am of the opinion that we should have our normal church services inside our beautiful church and refer to it as "a demonstration", since that seems to work for everyone else.

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