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Daily Video Devos - Week 1


As government officials continue to encourage social distancing and many of our Growth Groups are on hiatus, we still want to be in God's Word together. So each day, check in on Facebook, South Shores App, or website blog to catch our Daily Video Devotional with a variety of staff from SSC.


Day 1 - Psalm 1 with Pastor Derick

How can we be informed and formed by the stream of God's Word instead of the stream of our news feeds?


Day 2 - Psalm 2 with Pastor Derick

Today is a great day to say, "God reigns!"

Day 3 - 1 Thess 5 with Pastor Ron

New technologies allow us to talk with people wherever they are. We have something like that with God and we always have.

Day 4 - Mark 5 with Emili

Global chaos and even personal hardship can be an opportunity for genuine faith. Jesus is the One who meets us where we're at and gives us peace.

Day 5 - Romans 10 with Pastor Erik

Sometimes looking back can help us to look ahead.


Thank you so much for this. Not only is this a great way to stay connected, but it does in a way personalize the message where I feel you are speaking directly to me rather than a whole group. I hope I am not sounding selfish here, but I also feel like I am getting to know more about all of you. We will get through all of this, and hopefully we will be a healded world because of it.
These are so great. Thank you for your heart of love and voice of truth!
Thanks for the wonderful message it is so uplifting .may God continue to bless and keep us safe and we may be able to worship together again soon.
I listened to Pastor Derick and Pastor Ty this afternoon. Your honesty, sincerity and love came across loud and clear.
Our prayers are sent to you and your family.
Bob and Lynda Bachelor
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for these wonderful daily devotions! And THANK YOU so much to Chris (who I didn't know until she called) to check in on us and make sure we didn't have any special needs. What a grace-filled idea to call all our believers to ensure they were doing well. THANK YOU, South Shores Church❣️❣️❣️
Thanks. These are great. I especially like that they are short and fresh every day. A few minutes with a pastor or staff who I might not know well.
I am so grateful for these daily devotionals. What an uplifting way share the Lords words and help to keep my faith in the Lord. thank you so much for thinking of us here at home. Bless you.
Excellent. Thank you.
God is with us!!!

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