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South Shores: Coronavirus Update

Dear South Shores Church Family:

I bring you greetings in the strong name of our Lord Jesus!

May the Lord give strength to His people!
May the Lord bless His people with peace!

Psalm 29:11

As you know, the challenges and concerns regarding the coronavirus have escalated exponentially this week all around the world. We do not want to live in fear, we trust that God is in control, but we also want to be prudent and do our part to love our neighbors well and limit the spread of this virus.

Until further notice, we will suspend all South Shores times of corporate worship, and all mid-week activities at church: Growth Groups, Kids, Youth Ministry activities and other small group meetingsWe are, however, providing an alternative opportunity for worship. For the first time, South Shores Church will livestream our 9:30 (Traditional), and 11:00 (Contemporary) services ONLINE ONLY. You can find our feed through your South Shores App or our website at .

Our job as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ is to connect people to God and to each other.  This will be more challenging in the days ahead, but I want to challenge you to live out your faith in this time of uncharted waters.


I want to encourage you to:

  • Activate your PRAYER LIFE to the next level!  Pray for your family, your pastor and church family, your neighbors and friends who need to hear about the hope we have in Jesus, and pray for the world who lives in fear and has no hope apart from Christ.  Pray for the Lord to use this situation to show Himself to our world in a mighty way.
  • REACH OUT in compassion and hope to the people you know and love—minimize physical touch and maximize caring.  Use your phone, email, and texting to share the love of Christ.
  • PRACTICE GENEROSITY to the hurting people around you—this crisis will have a significant and devastating effect on a lot of people…Gifts to South Shores Deacon Fund (32712 Crown Valley Parkway, Dana Point, CA 92629) will be distributed to places where they can do the most good.
  • THINK and ACT SMART!  There are lots of experts giving advice that is good:  Wash your hands, drink lots of water, limit your social contacts, get more sleep, etc.
  • KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON THE LORD:  This didn’t catch God by surprise! God can use it to change peoples’ hearts… and God can use us as an instrument of his compassion and grace.

I will keep you posted when we are able to resume worshipping together.  Let’s keep being the church of Jesus Christ:  Stay connected to your Growth Group and help me reach out to all our South Shores family members (especially those who may not receive email).

Your Church Staff will still be working daily and serving you, so if you need some assistance or encouragement, please reach out!  Here’s the Church phone number:  949-496-9331.

I love you and care about you a great deal.  This is a test… and someday we want to hear our Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servants!”

God bless you,
Pastor Ty Guy
949-422-3399 (cell)