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Counterfeit Culture: Sex (Resources)

In light of our series, Counterfeit Culture: Returning to God's Original Design, and as we tackle the difficult topics of sex, money, and power, we wanted to provide some additional resources on these topics.

This first post will be a gathering of resources on the topics of sex and sexuality. (Check back for more linked articles through the week).

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Where to Find Hope and Help Amid the Sexual Revolution by Sam Allberry

Sam shares 4 major cultural changes we are currently witnessing and 7 ways we need to respond.

"There's an equality we have with the gospel that we don't get in a culture that prides itself on equality"


Why God's Sexual Ethic Is Good for the World (A video discussion with Rosaria Butterfield, Sam Allberry, and Jackie Hill Perry)

These three thinkers/authors/speakers tackle the question: in what sense is God's sexual ethic not just true, but also beautiful and good for the world.


Porn Is Not Harmless. It's Cruel. by Justin Holcomb

Justin upends the myth that porn doesn't harm anyone by sharing 6 researched truths illuminating its dark and damaging results.

"Porn teaches its consumers that women exist for the pleasure of men and that their purpose is to be degraded and dehumanized for men’s excitement—and that they like it, even if they pretend not to."


Sex and the Single Woman by Fabienne Harford

Fabienne speaks to the pain, struggle, and blessings of upholding God's plan for sex in marriage, while living unmarried.

" turns out believing that sexual fulfillment is designed for marriage doesn’t make you any less of a sexual being. Understanding and even loving God’s view of sex doesn’t make you want it less. Singleness presents a series of hardships, but for me learning to live without physical intimacy has provided the biggest challenge and deepest suffering of this season."


How to Evangelize Friends Identifying as LGBTQ by Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria recognizes the increasing likelihood that people we care about will identify as LGBTQ. Her response: radical daily hospitality.

"This is the best way that I know of to evangelize your LGBTQ neighbors—and everyone else. To live communally as Bible-believing Christians who care for each other in body and soul."


What About Divorce? by Kevin DeYoung

Kevin responds to the argument that Christians are more focused on homosexual relationships than they are on divorce and remarriage. In it he commends pastors (and Christians) to be strong on both issues.

"So yes, there are plank-eyed Christians among us. The evangelical church, in many places, gave up and caved in on divorce and remarriage. But the remedy to this negligence is not more negligence."

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