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Counterfeit Culture: Power (Resources)

In light of our series, Counterfeit Culture: Returning to God's Original Design, and as we tackle the difficult topics of sex, money, and power, we wanted to provide some additional resources on these topics.

This third and final post is a gathering of resources on the topic of power.

power resources blog

Whom Do You Serve -- the Dragon or the Lamb? by Kevin Halloran

Kevin gives a great summary and careful insight into a phenominal book on power.

We can so easily conform to the ways of the world as we lead—unwitting tools in the enemy’s hand. We need to grasp where true power comes from (God) and what true power is for (love). 


The Horror of Human Resources by Sam Paschall

Utilizing an old film's chilling metaphor, Sam speaks to a problem that can easily creep into the church: using people.

When any culture begins to treat humans as resources it will inevitably have as its major theme “production” and those who rise to the top are those who can “produce” the most and the best efficiently. The value and worth of every member of the culture, intimacy and love as primary dynamics of relationship will not be high priorities because they tend to be unproductive.


'The Favourite' and 'Roma': Contrasting Visions of Power by Brett McCracken

Brett takes two Oscar nominated films and compares their view of power - one colorful and ugly, one monochromatic and beautiful.

The radical self-denial and service of Cleo in Roma, like the feet-washing posture of Jesus (John 13:1–17), provides a picture of power in vivid contrast to that in The Favourite. The latter captures power as pre- and post-Christian societies construe it: self-interest, self-preservation, winner take all, only the strong survive. The former presents power through weakness, through self-denial and sacrificial love.


Correcting My Mistake with Money, Sex, and Power by John Piper

In his "Ask Pastor John" podcast, John Piper talks about a key moment in reorienting his thinking while writing his book, "Living in the Light."

But when we turn away from those dangers to the potentials we ask: Why did God give us these gifts in the first place? Not just to test us, not just to tempt us, .... Money, sex, and power all have a unique potential to magnify the worth and beauty of Christ.

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