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South Shores Blog

All New South Shores App

South Shores Church has a brand new app that we'd love for you to check out:

What You'll Find in the App

  • A dynamic home screen where you can quickly scroll through what is new and important

  • Easily accessible calendars

  • Forms/registrations for events and other activities

  • Access to sermons, blog posts and more as they're updated

  • Easy, secure giving with the security of your unique phone number

  • Information about the church to easily share with others.



Not sure where to start?

Here are a few things to try on the App:

  1. Download the new South Shores App. (Text SOUTHSHORESAPP to 77977) or click here .
  2. Update your profile info.
  3. Explore: (find these ‘pages’)
    • A blog post
    • Plan a visit page.
    • Prayer request (post one!)
    • A calendar event.
    • The SOMA Bible Study Method
    • “More than We Deserve” Sermon (can you find the audio and the video versions?)
  4. Review. You could go above and beyond and leave us a review on the App Store – (preferably a 5 star review!)
  5. Give. You can give any amount, or even set-up a recurring gift through the app – it is easier and more secure than any other online method.