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9 Final Thoughts from "God's Idea for Sex" Sermon

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At the end of last Sunday's sermon, ("God's Idea for Sex") Pastor Ty finished with some very important summary statements on the topic:

  1. Jesus invites you to walk His way with Him as the leader, where you submit your will to the will of God in Christ.
  1. God loves people, and has created this world with many blessing to be enjoyed—including sex and sexuality—but the greatest joy is honoring God with your whole life.
  1. God gave his Word as a blessing to give guidance and feedback to our lives. Our best response is to live within His guidelines.
  1. God’s original design and desire for marriage is one man and one woman committed to one another until parted by death.
  1. If you don’t “fit” into that plan, God still loves you, and He knows your struggle and pain, but He also still wants His best for you. It will be a struggle and a sacrifice for you in ways that other people do not share or understand. You may never get over the struggle, but it’s worth the fight!
  1. No one has a clean record in this area of dealing with sex and sexuality—we have all been damaged in some way and need the light of Christ and his healing in our lives.
  1. “Straightness” doesn’t save you—only Jesus can do that.
  1. The most important thing in life is your relationship with God in Jesus Christ; your eternity depends on it! You could live a full and productive life if you so choose, even if you never had sexual relations, and still enjoy going to heaven.  However, you cannot ignore Jesus Christ your whole life and think you’ll live forever in heaven.
  1. God wants to be the primary relationship in your life, the dominant factor in every thought, decision, and action. Anything else and you have exchanged the truth for a lie, traded the real deal for a counterfeit!

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